Creative ways to play Arrows Dice….Part 1

While arrows does keep track of coin counting\movement for you, to maximize your fun, it is best to play with real world objects.

The idea is for each player to start with 3 objects and pass them around according to dice flow.

For me personally, it’s best to play with real money. Just last night I played with my family, and everyone started with 3 one dollar bills. Now there is something at stake! In this round it was an $18 pot that people were anxious to go home with and made the game all that more exciting! (I lost and actually had to write an IOU to my Dad..I’m hoping he forgets!)

For adults, you can use items such as: poker chips, coins, match sticks, checkers, diamonds, etc…

When playing with the kids we use: fish crackers, peeps, animal crackers and pennies.

You can play with mostly anything….get creative!


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